Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Little Life Changers

This is one of the first areas I 'tackled' to start this life changing business. The dreaded PLAYROOM, dun dun dun. 
Sadly the before picture was one i had taken of a 'clean' playroom. Hello old self, That is NOT a clean playroom. That is a cluttered and stressful room full of stuff we did not need or even want. Much of it has been donated slowly and lots of it was given away at a garage sale. Some of it sadly, was thrown in the trash.

The benefits i have noticed from this first clean out have been so rewarding for them and ME!

1. This room gets used more, way more! They flock to this room now all on their own. Before we had to recite over and over "go play in the playroom, thats what its for". Those days are past. 

2. They could absolutely terrorize this room and i could have it ready for company in 8 minutes flat. I stress less and clean more often. Cleaning the playroom isn't overwhelming, not at all! 

3. The kids play differently, their play is less 'hectic' when they are in there now. They actually sit down and you can see a purpose in their playtime. It's not just Tasmanian devil/tornado style, throw crap everywhere type of play anymore. Hallelujah. 

Pick a room, pick a closet, pick a shelf - take some shit out of there. See how it feels, better i bet!