Monday, July 01, 2013


With my recent dive down the rabbit hole of 'Self Help' books i keep noticing a recurring theme - "Be Yourself" Well duh, easy enough once you get the courage to do so right? Wrong. I keep having to ask myself 'Who the hell am i?' I am trying to define myself (loosely define myself at least, boxes suck no one wants to be in one, including me) as an individual. Not as Shell the Mom or Shell the Daughter or Wife or Shell that has a tendency to talk too fast and wear all Black. I want to define myself as Shell without comparison to others. So as an homage to finding mysel--err DeFINING myself, I have decided to ask (myself) some questions - nothing can be learned first, without curiosity. And in order to be a better version of me (catch that Fiona Apple reference anyone?) i must start with being curious as to who I am. So here is an interview with...the most awesome person i know...ME.

My Favorites, Currently:

Color: SeaGlass
Drink: Iced Coffee or Hot Tea
Food: Fondue or Mexican
Place: The beach, Specifically the Gulf of Mexico & Switzerland
Dream Travel Destinations: Australlia, Sweden, Slovenia
Book/Currently Reading: Proof of Heaven, Hunger Games & You Can Heal Your Body
Male Musician: Bob Dylan
Female Musician: Fiona Apple
Band: First Aid Kit, Eisley (Any sibling, female folk/indie band is automatically my favorite)
Hobby: Sleeping,Reading,Swimming,Going to the Movies
Nail Color: Lincoln Park After dark & Dark Navy Blue
Morning or Night: Night Owl
Movie: 500 Days of Summer
Male Actor: Joe G. Levitt
Female Actor: Emma Stone
Sign: Gemini through and through
Guilty Pleasure: Reality T.V. ( i miss you) & anything sweet
Favorite Flower: any wildflower of course!
Dream Car: My fun car would be a White Jeep Wrangler with a little lift and big tires / Luxury car would probably be a blacked out Audi...see the Gemini theme here folks?
Good Habits: I say thank you, I drink lots of water, Don't take Medicine & I try to turn all judgmental thoughts i have about someone into a compliment. WIP. work in progress. This also means i talk to myself a lot.
Bad Habits: I'm a messy messy person by nature, I eat out WAY too much, I cuss a lot & I'm addicted to my cell phone.
Dream House Style: I call it simply "Shabby Chic Bohemian Beach Cottage Farmhouse, w/minimal industrial accents, open yet cozy at the same time. see totally simple ;)
Need to make more time for: Yoga, Exercise, Grocery Shopping/Meal Planning, Meditation.
Currently Working on: Myself - Patience,Planning Skills, Listening Skills, Figuring out my calling

Ask yourself some questions today - it's good for the soul. Perhaps soon i will come up with a list of deeper questions but for now this is all a part of the big picture that I'm trying to paint for myself.