Sunday, April 29, 2012

A letter to Pinterest

Dear Pinterest,
I always knew my home decor wasn't quite up to par, for good reason thank you very much...2 babies, a husband with an insane work schedule blah blah blah - however in recent months you have really left me feeling like major crap!! So in an attempt to turn my frown upside down about this whole ridiculous situation that you have created, i've snapped a few pictures of my favorite things around here. Just to remind myself that despite my home not being Pinterest worthy, i do have some pretty cool stuff <3

Of course, my favorite part about my home is who i share it with. Thankfully, i have an inspirational quote pin board to look at when i start feeling bummed about the lack of a swimming pool with winding slide in my backyard, striped ceiling play room, built in bookcases, stainless steel appliances etc. I sure do have a love/hate relationship with you!


Bye Bye Baby Hair

After a long hard battle, the husband finally talked me into getting Gunnar's sweet baby hair chopped off. Let's face it, it was getting out of control, and i knew it. I can't help that i just love boys (and men) with long hair, it's in my blood or something. Thankfully, It was worth all the pain and suffering or else the tough guy with tattoos would have had some explainin' to do!

The boys waiting, mom behind camera, a nervous wreck! 

So far so good, bottle lovin'


Baby torture...

Daddy saves the day

Mom and Babe survived,barely.

Bye Bye Barber Man, See ya never!! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh, Hello!

This is my next adventure & I've decided to document it every step of the way.
 Living Simpler, that is. You should try it too. 

Live Simply, so that others may simply live.

More about me and my crew soon